Show Off Your Best Ever Brow Shape with Eyebrow Threading

What is Eyebrow Threading?

Eyebrow threading is an ancient hair removal technique which uses a piece of thread, to extract unwanted hair directly by the hair follicle. By twisting the cotton thread and creating a trap, your eyebrow hair can be pulled out in a very clean and accurate line. Pulling the hairs in this manner produces a very precise and attractive eyebrow shape. The thread works in such a way that this eyebrow grooming method comes out as the clear winner when compared to other methods of hair removal. With its surging popularity these days you can get your brows threaded nearly anywhere.

Does Eyebrow Threading Hurt?

This is a very common question to ask when it comes to any type of hair removal. The true answer is that pain tolerance depends solely on the individual. Some find the eyebrow threading process to be therapeutic, while others do feel a certain degree of unpleasantness. If you have tried any type of waxing in the past and were able to handle it, threading will be no different. Eye watering is the worst you might encounter, but that will be from the joy you receive seeing your new amazing brows!

Eyebrow Threading vs Waxing

While both techniques come with their own pros and cons, threading comes with an overwhelming number of pros. Waxing involves removing the upper layers of skin along with the hair, whereas threading does not. Eyebrow waxing also produces inconsistent shapes and it can be difficult to produce the exact desired look. Since the thread allows the artist to see exactly where the hair is being pulled you can achieve a very accurate and consistent shape every time. Wax treatments can also be messy, and hot whereas threading sessions have none of those issues.

Men’s Eyebrow Threading

The secret is out, men are also keeping their eyebrows perfectly groomed with threading. Due to it’s quick nature, and consistent accuracy more men are transitioning over from the waxing world. It can be difficult to maintain the natural yet well groomed appearance that threading offers. Professional image is important for everyone and threading is just a better tool to do the job. Don’t be the only one left with bushy ungroomed brows.

Where can I find Eyebrow Threading Near Me?

Knowing how to thread eyebrows is an art in itself and it’s important to find a reputable place. Brow Obsession has been shaping South Florida’s eyebrows since 1999. Master eyebrow artists Nibeela and her daughter Tania have personally trained dozens of estheticians in the art of eyebrow threading. In addition they have personally shaped tens of thousands of eyebrows over the past twenty years. You may ask yourself “what is the best eyebrow threading near me?” Nothing can answer that better then some eyebrow threading before and after pictures.