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With eyebrows, there are many ways of trimming or shaping them. Whether you prefer them tidy, slim, and neat or you like them bold and broad, you will find yourself shaping and cleaning up on several occasions for them to be in shape. For most people, use of wax and tweezers is the only method they trust and know of perfecting facial arches, but these are not the only options.

Threading, a renowned hair removal process native to the Middle East and South Asia, has been gaining popularity in recent years. You might ask, what is eyebrow threading all about? Well, in our brief guide today, we will answer all your burning question regarding eyebrow threading and why it is the right removal method for you.

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First Things First, How Does Eyebrow Threading Work?

A piece of thread is twisted on your eyebrow in a specific motion, whereby all the hair is removed from the follicle without damaging the skin. As the technician twists a thread and it glides on your brow, the spaces between the twists tighten, thereby grabbing on your hair and pulling it out from the root.


Why Should You Choose Eyebrow Threading Over Other Methods?

Threading removes the actual hair without damaging the skin, which means it hurts less than waxing. This also makes it possible for you to create finer, more precise shapes, something that is not possible with waxing. While waxing often removes unwanted hairs around your eyebrows, threading removes them in a row, thereby giving you a cleaner, well-defined eyebrow shape.

Threading is a great option for people whose skin is prone to irritation as it doesn’t involve the application of harsh chemicals on your face. Therefore, if you are on medications that make your skin sensitive or you have a skin condition that makes your skin prone to irritation, then threading will be the ideal option. It is gentler on your skin and hard on your hairs.


What to Expect From Eyebrow Threading?

The twisting thing seems painful at first, but it is not scary. We have broken down things you can expect;

  • Bearable pain- Our artists are experienced and gentle. You might experience slight discomfort as is common with any hair removal procedure. This all depends on your pain tolerance. Your artist will give you guidance on how to properly stretch to minimize any discomfort.
  • Sneezing and Watery eyes – Occasionally, there might be slight sensitivity causing sneezing, and watery eyes. This goes away after a few moments.
  • Don’t wear a lot of makeup as it may have to be removed to allow the artist to reveal your beautiful eyebrow shape.
  • Remember to specify the shape of eyebrows you want so you and your eyebrow artist are on the same page. 
  • It is recommended to apply a cooling and soothing gel such as Aloe Vera to reduce redness
  • Threading lasts two to four weeks, depending on your hair type.

Overall, threading has more benefits than waxing and hair plucking. Of course, there are side effects such as skin redness, but you can help calm down these effects by using anti-inflammatory cream.

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