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Putting on makeup for a special event can be more challenging to execute than your everyday makeup routine. This is because, event makeup calls for more emphasis- eyes that pop, a bit of shimmer, well-defined lips and nose area, etc. This can be challenging to do it on your own especially when you have other tasks at hand. That’s why hiring a makeup expert is your best bet!

To explain what event makeup is all about, we can term it as chic and glamorous. It is applied with cream foundations and is often heavy. Ultra-highlighting, beautifully defined eyebrows with tinting, long thick eyelashes, and seductive, shining lips are all common during events for galas, red carpet, and brides events.

To help you pull out a glamorous, chic look, here is a small sample of things that a makeup artist would do for you;


Clean Your Skin

Cleaning your skin is always the first step to every makeup routine. You need to wash off all makeup and start afresh. Also, it is important to exfoliate your facial skin and lips. After cleansing, apply oil or moisturizer.


Apply Foundation

For people with oily skin, smoothen out your skin with a primer to allow your foundation to last longer and look even. Use a makeup sponge to apply your foundation. This helps to create a flawless finish. You can apply a concealer if you want to cover your blemishes more.


Contour and Illuminate

Contouring defines your facial angles to ensure you do not look flat. Apply bronzer along your temples and jawbone using a fluffy brush and sweep under your cheekbones.

Swipe an illuminator on areas where shadows form when you tuck your head down. Applying illuminators make your face glow.


Accentuate your eyes, mouth, or both

To have a less-dramatic look, either play up your mouth or eyes. Accentuating both areas may make you look overly dramatic- but if it is your style, why not rock it?

For your eyes, an eyeliner, mascara, and shadow will do just fine. An eyeliner gives you a smoky look, but you can opt for a thin application of liquid eyeliner to appear sleeker. Apply a thick coat of mascara to crown your look.

Lip gloss or a light lipstick shade will help to balance out your glamorous look. You can accentuate your lips with a bold shade of lipstick and lip liner (That is if you have not accentuated your eyes).

Assuming that your hair is already set, you can look into the mirror and smile at yourself for looking amazing! Of course, these are only a few of the many things a makeup expert will do to get transform you into the most amazing version of yourself ever.


Why Hire a Makeup Artist?

Makeup artists can help you create the look you desire for that special occasion you are looking to attend. Whether you are looking to have a soft glow like that of a bride, elegant look for red carpet events, or need to look like a model for a photo-shoot, an event makeup artist can help you get the picture-perfect look.

Their skills, experience, and creativity allow them to see the potential and unique beauty in each face, and they adjust their shades and creams to suit your appearance. Keep in mind that hiring a professional makeup artist will not transform you into someone else; it means you will be a more polished and perfect version of yourself.

Besides, makeup artists provide an expert opinion on what is best for your skin tone and face. They will be more purposeful and intentional in applying makeup than you would have done it yourself at home. They know what products to use and what intensity to use where to ensure you look good in person and great in pictures.

A professional event makeup artist will offer bridal makeup, eyebrow sculpting, eyelash application, eyebrow tinting, henna application, facial threading, and a whole lot of other beauty services. Therefore, you will be getting it all from one location.

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