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If you want a temporary option that saves you from everyday eyebrow filling, then eyebrow tinting might be for you. Brow tinting gives you a more defined, long-lasting look without the need to invest in expensive micro-blading. It is quick and affordable.

In our guide today, we round up everything you need to know about eyebrow tinting.

What Is Eyebrow Tinting?

This process involves applying semi-permanent dye to your brows to make them enhanced and more defined. Brow tinting enables you to have thicker and more youthful brows.


How Long Does This Procedure Take?

On average, a session takes 10-15 minutes. You will first need to talk to a technician about how you want your brows to look. The specialist will prepare the skin around your eyes, clean the brows, and then apply some petroleum jelly on the area to prevent accidental staining on the skin.

The first dye application is made in the direction your eyebrow hairs grow, and the second application is made in the opposite direction.

It is left to settle for a few minutes to intensify the color, after which any excess is removed with a paper towel. You may see a stain on the skin underneath your eyebrows but don’t worry as they will clear after a day or two.


Do I Need Patch Test before Going through the Whole Eyebrow Tinting?

While most guests do not do this, the option is available to you if you have had any previous experiences with reactions. You might need a patch test on your skin 24 hours before to know if the dye will be allergic to you. We use a vegetable based dye formulated exclusively for the eyebrow hair.

The patch test involves applying a tiny dot of dye in the fold of your elbow or behind your ear. It takes a few seconds to do.


How Long Will the Brow Tint Last?

As much as you would like the tint to last for many months, it will start to fade after 2-4 weeks. As we said earlier, eyebrow tinting is a semi-permanent dye. The best thing is that you can always go for retouch whenever it starts to wear off. How long your tint lasts depend on the thickness or coarseness of your hair. The oilier or thinner it is, the shorter the time it will last.


How Much Does Brow Tinting Cost?

The price of this procedure depends on the salon you visit. However, the average price ranges from $20 to $40.


Is Eyebrow tinting safe?

When done by a professional, you can rest assured that the dye will not come into contact with your delicate eye area. Petroleum jelly can be applied around the area to create a barrier.


Bottom Line

If you want bold, and fuller looking eyebrows, tinting is the way to go. It is great for people with lighter colored brows that want them darker to help better define their face.

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