Eyebrow Threading for Men

Man with well groomed eyebrows

Men groom themselves in a variety of ways: trimming a beard, shaving, getting a shape up, etc. There are many methods to grooming and knowing what works best for you and your schedule is important. Men make appointments for the barber or spend and extra fifteen minutes shaving in the morning. But when it comes to eyebrows, men tend to raise a brow at the idea of grooming them. There are many methods that can rid you of the undesirable unibrow or overgrown brows. 

Gone are the days of women tending to their eyebrows. Men now have options and the most gentle and simple way of removing those unwanted hairs is by a technique called threading. Men’s eyebrow threading is on the rise.

What is Threading?

Threading is a technique that dates back several years to areas in the Middle East and South Asia. The process is simple and one of the best ways to groom your eyebrows without damaging the skin around it. The thread is used to wrap around the individual hair and pull it out from the follicle, leaving you with a clean line. The precision of this technique is what makes it the most desirable to men. You don’t want to wax off half of the brow that has been there all of your life. 

Take simple steps to managing your brows. Men’s eyebrow threading can also be less painful than waxing or plucking. Technicians trained in eyebrow threading are gentle and, depending on your pain tolerance, it could be a very seamless process.

Why should men choose this option?

When getting your eyebrows groomed you always want to communicate to the person completing the task about what shape of a brow you’d like. It is important to understand your brow’s natural shape before beginning the grooming process. If you need help understanding what will look best, turn to the certified threading technician for a consultation. Just because you thread your eyebrows does not mean that you’re going to look more feminine. Threading can be a slight change to enhance your look. Simply tell the technician that you want to keep the shape you have and rid yourself of the unruly hairs that poke out. 

Or you can instruct them to eliminate the unibrow you’ve been keeping for years. The subtle difference will be noticeable when you least expect it. The vast world of grooming treatments is moving from the realm of mostly women, into both women and men. It is perfectly fine to want to groom your face to improve your appearance. Just imagine walking into a job interview or going on a first date. Would you want uneven eyebrows or random hairs sticking out? 

It just seems like you’re doing yourself a solid by going and getting your eyebrows groomed, especially by preferring to use a technique like threading. It’s important to know where to go when you want to get this service done. Make sure you attend a salon with certified technicians that have experience in the field. Once you begin the process, it’s easy to maintain the look you desire. Stay diligent when it comes to grooming and you will have people noticing, and admiring!

Our trained, and experienced experts have what it takes to handle any type of eyebrow that you can bring. Whether it’s the bushiest of the bunch or if there is hardly anything there, you can be sure that our team will solve your problem quickly, effectively, and affordably.

We offer complimentary beverages, soothing music, and pre-service consultations with every visit. While we do recommend appointments to avoid long wait times, we always accept walk ins. Here is an extensive list of what we have to offer.

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