Eyebrow Threading vs Waxing

eyebrow threading vs waxing
Eyebrow threading vs waxing – which can achieve the better results? The current emphasis on well groomed brows as a necessary beauty accessory leaves both men, and women wondering how to achieve the best look. The decision between threading vs waxing brows is a personal one. Both methods have pros and cons. Eyebrow waxing is usually the better known method and is widely available in most salons. There are also home waxing kits available for purchase at your local drug store. Eyebrow waxing involves melted wax being spread over the area in which hair removal is desired. Salon aestheticians and technicians usually discuss the desired brow shape prior to applying the wax.


Let’s Begin with Waxing

First the wax is applied onto the eyebrow area with a wooden spatula or other flat spreader. Then the wax strips are pressed into the melted wax which had previously been applied to the skin. Finally the skin is then held taunt and the strips quickly ripped off. The wax and hair sticks to the strips and, voila, the desired hair has been removed. Eyebrow waxing can hurt, although this varies based on an individual’s pain threshold as well as the texture and amount of hair to be removed. 


Smaller or finer hairs are sometimes not caught by the wax and they then need to be removed afterwards with tweezers. The skin is usually reddish and can sting for a while afterwards. Soothing cream is usually applied by the brow technician afterwards to reduce redness and discomfort. If you have sensitive skin, you may walk around with visible redness in the waxed area for a couple of hours.


Next Comes Threading

Eyebrow threading is less well known than waxing. It was originally popular in India and parts of Asia and is now available in most large urban centers in North America. It uses a thread, applied individually, to each eyebrow hair targeted for removal. The thread is twisted and the hair extracted. It is faster than waxing and offers more precision when it comes to shaping the brows. It also requires the skin to be held taunt and can result in some redness afterwards, although is generally considered to be less irritating to the skin since the thread is only applied to the hair, not the underlying skin.


In regards to eyebrow waxing versus threading both require an emphasis on hygiene as infections can be spread. Eyebrow waxing should not include “double dipping”, meaning that ideally, each client has a freshly sanitized, individual pot of wax, wooden spatula and waxing cloth strips. If the same wooden spatula goes into a communal pot of wax, that is double dipping, and is not a sanitary practice. Eyebrow threading also requires sanitary practices. A fresh thread should be used for each customer. The eyebrow technician should have clean hands and all standard salon sanitation practices should be used.

In Closing

When it comes to comparing eyebrow threading vs waxing maintenance times, both last about 2 to 4 weeks before some regrowth is noticeable. The cost of eyebrow waxing and eyebrow threading is approximately the same. Some people think threading hurts less than waxing, but the best way to choose between the two may be try each method at some point and then make a personal decision about your preference.We offer complimentary beverages, soothing music, and pre-service consultations with every visit. While we do recommend appointments to avoid long wait times, we always accept walk ins. Here is an extensive list of what we have to offer. If you’re looking for eyebrow threading services in Miami backed with professional, well-trained, and experienced experts, get in touch with us now.